Looking at your skin’s future through a crystal ball

Jun 22, 2020 Posted by Beauty, Industry / Science 0 thoughts on “Looking at your skin’s future through a crystal ball”
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Have a glimpse at the future you!

Our country has been hit with a pandemic, affecting our salaries, lifestyle, and our skins! There is no time (or moola) to be running around to test and trial every product or treatment people tell you “have worked for them’. So how do you budget for your skin during uncertain times? Stick with me and I will unpack your turnkey solution to your stress-free future!

What if I told you with just a flick of a swab you could save money long-term on your skin journey!?

Sounds too good to be true right. But, imagine you can have a crystal ball…a scientifically proven look at the future you. This sobering ghost of future face has an impact on all of us. For the first time in history, we can give you a golden opportunity to change that future.

By knowing your genetic map, we are able to identify any weaknesses and put reinforcements in place, right now! Today! By putting these ingredients on your skin, these supplements and lifestyle changes into your routine, and utilising these professional protocols we have a 75% chance of changing your skin’s future, stopping those weakness’s from creating the pigmentation, acne, sensitivity, wrinkles, skin texture, redness and broken capillaries that we saw in our parents and grandparents.

Because it is genetic, our bodies are simply not able to defend our cells in these areas, this means that we need to add these reinforcements for life. If we stop, the weaknesses will reappear, and the symptoms will begin.

We now have the tool to create affordable lifelong programs to help you into a younger future. How does it work? An easy 10sec mouth swab, your DNA send to labourites, followed by a report reading mapping out focus points to become the forever beautiful you!

What are you waiting for…

SkinDNA – changing skin’s , one swab a time.

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