Our General Disclaimer

This test is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Specifically, the results of this test are for aesthetic purposes only and are intended to provide information which will help with cosmetic product selection now and in the future.

HIPAA Confidentiality Notice and Disclaimer

The information contained in this document is confidential and intended solely for the use of the specific recipient(s) addressed above. To the extent the information in this document contains protected health information as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), such information is subject to specific confidentiality requirements and may also be privileged.

To the extent possible, such information has been transmitted and stored pursuant to HIPAA encryption standards to ensure optimal protection of the information under HIPAA security protocols. Any disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this confidential and privileged information by anyone other than the intended recipient(s) is strictly prohibited by law.

European general data protection regulation (AVG)

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) of 28 May 2018, a new regulation on personal data enters into force. According to this new regulation, legal entities that process data from European citizens must also comply with regulatory requirements. SkinDNA complies with this.

SkinDNA Privacy Policy

We ensure the highest standards in technology, processes and facilities management to protect the safety of your information.

Last Updated – September 2018

We follow strong guiding principles and policies on security, and we support laws that protect your privacy and genetic information.


SkinDNA™ respects the privacy of every individual and has taken every precaution to create a process that allows individuals to maintain the highest level of privacy. All information provided by the individual taking the assessment is kept on a secure server.

By signing up for our testing service, you are allowing us to process your personal information according to the provisions set forth in this Privacy Statement.

Personal Information

SkinDNA™ collects types of personal and non-personal information described as follows:

Account Information – Account Information is personal information that we collect when you purchase our test. This information may include your name, credit card details, billing and shipping addresses, and contact information such as an email address or contact numbers.

Genetic information – Genetic Information consists of “A”s, “G”s, “T”s and “C”s at particular locations in your genome. When you purchase a SkinDNA™ Genetic Test, you send your saliva sample to us by postal mail for analysis. Once testing is complete and the laboratory completes its work, which includes processing, analysis and reporting of data your DNA and saliva samples are destroyed.

Information Sharing

One of the goals of SkinDNA is to contribute to scientific research and the advancements of genetic knowledge. To achieve our research goals, SkinDNA may enter into partnerships with commercial and/or non-profit organisations that conduct scientific research.

Such partnerships may allow an organization access to our databases of Genetic Information, so that, for example, the organization can search, without knowing the identities of the individuals involved, for the association between occurrence of a particular genetic variation and a particular skin health condition or trait.

Your identifiable and personal information will never be shared to any third party.

Your Choices

If you request, we will remove from our systems all personal information that can be associated with your account information. However, genetic information you have provided for research prior to your request for deletion will not be removed from ongoing research.


SkinDNA values the trust you place in us.

To prevent any unauthorised access or disclosure, to retain data accuracy, and to ensure the use of the information, SkinDNA uses a range of technical, physical and administrative measures to protect the information we collect about our members described as follows:

We monitor our employees’ usage of our databases and maintain all records of access to personal information.

  • Our networks are protected with firewalls.
  • We encrypt storage of certain personal information, including account information and genetic information.
  • We conduct internal and external audits of our security processes.


  • Physical access to our servers is restricted to authorized persons only
  • We restrict data access to only allow approved personnel to view content


  • We prohibit personal information from being extracted from our systems
  • We limit access to personal information to certain employees for limited, approved purposes based on their specific responsibilities.

While there is always some risk of a security compromise, we tightly control access to personal information. We contract with outside security professionals whom conduct regular audits to ensure that the utmost standards in our technology, our processes and our facilities management protect the safety of your personal information.

Category Disclaimers

Sun Damage & Pigmentation

The information in this category is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This information should in no way be interpreted as providing information on recommended sun exposure or skin cancer risk.

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