SkinDNA is an Australian genomics company founded by Stefan Mazy, leading researchers and specialists in genetic analysis and skin therapies.

We are a leader in research and scientific advancement in predictive skin ageing and clinical product recommendation.


Invented in 2008, SkinDNA™ is now distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.

We are is dedicated to the research and development of new therapies for skin improvement tailored to an individuals genetic structure. SkinDNA’s technology and training modules have been internationally adopted and implemented through various products around the globe.

Stefan Mazy – Founder

“Skin Aging, the answers lie in your genes”

Our Story

Our pioneering founder Stefan Mazy,
recognised a significant gap in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical industries.

During his formative years working in a clinical setting alongside dermatologists, doctors and industry professionals, one consistent question kept surfacing: Why?

“Why” do clinicians recommend certain products over others? “Why” do some patients experience inflammatory response to ingredients such as Retinol while other’s have no reaction whatsoever?

“Why” do some patients present with advanced ageing features such as freckling, sunspots and sun damage, while others in the same demographic appear immune to the sun’s damaging affects? “Why” does one patient demonstrate the fine wrinkles associated with glycation, where others seem to age without any signs?

And most importantly, “Why” has no one researched this?

Stefan’s clinical experience and insatiable curiosity lead him on a path of scientific study eventually leading to his breakthrough in genetic prediction with the SkinDNA™ Genetic Test. Through years of clinical study, research and formulation, the SkinDNA™ Genetic test has received peer reviewed acclaim and worldwide media coverage.

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