We’ve got a secret to share!! Shhh…

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Dr Tamara Pheiffer, precision medicine, DNA, genetics, anti-aging, health optimisation, biohacking
Dr Tamara Pheiffer

Welcome to our brand new SkinDNA blog!!

We are so excited to be launching this new avenue of communication and education to get you cutting edge information in a hurry.

We know how crazy and all-encompassing practice can be so we, at SkinDNA, have committed to doing the grunt work for you. It is said that new medical information and research doubled every 60 days in 2019, this exponential growth makes it almost impossible to stay current, let alone ahead. We will be scouring new research and trends across the globe for you and concentrating the vast ocean of ever expanding information into quick, bite size blogs so that you can stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing all of your limited leisure time.

We are all journeying through these very uncertain times together and the strain that it has put on the economy and SME’s has been unprecedented, but as an industry we are strong and we will thrive. We are so proud of our industry that we want to do everything we can to help everyone through this and so, we have used this lockdown period to curate experts to ensure that the industry emerges from this pandemic with even more success than it had going in!

We will be talking about:

  • Digitising your business
  • Creating passive income streams to carry us through quiet periods
  • The economic impact of the global pandemic and how you can re-orientate your business
  • Small pivots that can cause massive financial gains
  • As well as cutting edge trends in

But wait…

There’s more…

We have something so exciting in the pipeline that we are about to burst! I wish I could tell you more, but what I can say is that this is a game changer that will completely disrupt the industry.

We can’t wait to see you all and once the lockdown is over we would love to celebrate with you.

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to take advantage of incredible promotions, product launches, innovations and so much more!!!

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