The Future of Beauty

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The New Zealand Herald – 2016


In the beauty business so much talk is about turning back time – and who doesn’t want to look better for longer?

Viva has talked to experts in skincare, haircare, cosmetics, appearance medicine, spa services and retailing, to gain insights into the trends that will determine the way you may one day look, or may long to, and how you will shop and be served.

The near future promises a more personalise focus, catering to time-poor and information-overloaded consumers. Salons are gearing up to deliver quicker treatments and more luxurious experiences; to tap into the latest technology, but share it with hands-on attention. Though these aims might sound counter-intuitive, it’s all part of the idea of creating “magic moments” that meld efficiency, efficacy and indulgence.

But is this all wishful thinking and marking spiel? Maybe partly so, but there’s no doubt modern consumers are increasingly demanding and more fickle, so businesses need to be motivated to be nimble and innovative to survive.

Those that will thrive, are the ones who talk to being customer-focused is more than mere lip service. Key trends to watch for are a greater focus on analysis and diagnosis, more personalised streamlined service and beauty concerns widening to wellness. Examples include DNA testing to predict how your skin will age. This is with us already and will increasingly by used by skincare therapists.

The new SkinDNA test is an Australian-developed system that analyses a client’s mouth swab for genetic markers of ageing. Results include likelihood ratings about the extent of collagen breakdown and pigmentation problems, allowing consultants to explain and advise on prescription skincare.

“We’re excited by the opportunity to be able to provide something we haven’t had before,” says Dr Catherine Stone of The Face Place, one of the clinics introducing the service by Pro Beauty. Dr Stone says it is a base tool to be used in combination with visual analysis and discussion.

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