Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Will My Skin Sag or Will It Wrinkle Overall

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Will My Skin Sag or Will It Wrinkle Overall?

If only there was a magic mirror that could tell us how we would age. Unfortunately there’s not. But, I have found the next best thing – SkinDNA. SkinDNA tests your genes to determine how you will age. It identifies your skin’s overall genetic health in five areas – Firmness and Elastivity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage and Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage, Sensitivity and Inflammation. Then suggests active ingredients, not products, to counteract the ageing process.

Sounds good right – so will I sag or wrinkle overall? There’s good and bad news, I scored 100% ln a low risk for wrinkling – YAY!! So that’s why, at age 46, I don’t have a lot of lines. Bonus. But, unfortunately, I scored badly on firmness and elasticity; I will sag! Oh well! But what really won me over, was the information provided on Sun Damage and Pigmentation.

I have really weird pigment. I don’t tan evenly, I tan in patches. Which is kind of strange as I have olive skin. What my test showed me, was that I was not producing enough melanin in my body. My beautician has always thought that I had an overproduction of melanin; so recommended products that would inhibit melanin production. Ultimately, I still have really patchy pigment and the products weren’t working. The best solution for my skin, according to the test is to use a product that contains zinc oxide. Hmmm, the invisible zinc – simple!

The upside to this test is knowing how to prevent ageing. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Like everyone says, prevention is better than cure. So now we can apply it to our skincare. Another bonus is that the test gives a summary which tells you what type of active ingredients should be in your skincare.

SkinDNA actually recommend that you look at the products in your bathroom cabinet to see whether these ingredients are in your skincare, before going out and purchasing new products. You even get suggestions on how to change your diet to assist in preventing ageing. But what I like, is in the long run, not only am I saving money that I don’t need, I can really focus on what will work – for me! Isn’t that what we all want?

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