A look at what’s on trend in Ballarat’s style report

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A look at what’s on trend in Ballarat’s style report

Trying to look after our skin as we grow older is a constant challenge. What areas of our skin will age quicker and how do we best care and protect it? The battle is getting a little easier with the introduction of marvellous new techniques which can help us in our quest for eternal youth. This week, we spoke to Amanda Di Cesare at Le Chic Skin and Beauty about their skin DNA testing techniques

What is skin DNA testing?

It is a genetic test that uses science to identify how your skin will age and show your skin’s strengths and weaknesses based on your DNA. You will never waste another cent on skincare again. It takes the guesswork out.

How does it work and what is involved for the client?

SkinDNA is a quick simple, pain-free and scientifically proven test, that takes a sample swab of the cheek cells. This data is sent to SkinDNA laboratory to be tested and returns with an in-depth insight to your individual DNA imprint. We then follow up the results 14 days later and with an in depth consultation.

Is this a new form of technology?

No. Doctors have been using a similar test for a few years. The SkinDNA test has been tweaked and tailored specifically to the skin and ageing.

What are the benefits and how does skin DNA testing help you to help your clients?

You can’t argue with science. SkinDNA tells you what you are genetically predisposed to. Once the lab sends back the results we can work out a course of action together for your skin. The test tells you what ingredients, supplements and professional treatments are essential for your skin. We are able to intervene early and slow down the ageing process. Prevention and education is the key.Everyone wants to look younger for longer and sooner right?

How much does it cost?

We have value-added packages starting from $349. We also have a fun VIP information launch on September 9 at 6pm where there will be package deals and an opportunity to take the test on the night. Places are limited, so it’s best to book your spot.

Can this technology help stop or reverse the signs of ageing?

With the test results we are able to intervene with the right ingredients, supplements and modalities suited to you. In some cases the skin may improve so much that it looks better than before, but we certainly can’t stop or reverse ageing – that is just a fact of life.

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